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Salaries are returned to the Commission due to:

  1. Closure of your current bank account before the new one is operational.
  2. Recalling of salary by the Commission.

Any returned salary should be claimed in writing through the head of institution.

Over Payment

An employee  is required to notify the Commission of any erroneous payment. Where the overpayment is as result of death, the next of kin should notify the bank immediately.To prevent overpayment:

  1. Heads of institutions should  report cases of death and  absenteeism within 48 hours.
  2. Heads of institutions to promptly return uncollected or misdirected pay slips to TSC headquarters with a covering letter detailing reasons why the pay slips are uncollected.
  3. Under no circumstances should uncollected Pay slips  be re-routed.

Recovery of overpayment

Overpayment constitutes government liability whose recovery takes priority over all other deductions on payroll.Overpayment will be recovered as follows:

In reinstatement cases, outstanding overpayment will be recovered in full

In cases of retirement or death, any government liability is recovered in full from pension benefits or gratuity.