After interdiction and submission of the required evidence the teacher shall be given a chance to defend himself/herself in person before the Commission. A case shall be heard and determined in the absence of the teacher if he/she fails to appear during the hearing. From the evidence gathered, the Commission may;

  1. Revoke the interdiction.
  2. Warn the teacher.
  3. Suspend the teacher from duty.
  4. Dismiss the teacher from service.
  5. Retire the teacher in the public interest.
  6. Dismiss and remove from the register of teachers.

It is an offence for a teacher to engage in teaching in any institutions (public or otherwise) during the period of interdiction or suspension or on removal from the registry of teachers.

Where a teacher has been suspended from duty, he/she will be posted 14 days before the expiry of the suspension.

A teacher will be posted immediately in cases of revocation and warning. A teacher who does not receive communication within 28 days after hearing should make enquiries to the Commission Headquarters in person.