To be a transformative teaching service for quality education


To professionalize the teaching service for quality education and development

Core Values


All TSC employees shall observe requirements for professional conduct. The employees are expected to apply the skills, knowledge, competencies that meet the standards needed for the work assigned.

Customer focus:

The Commission places the customer first by upholding the philosophy of customer driven-service delivery. Employees are expected to demonstrate a high level of responsiveness to customer needs.


Employees conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates honesty, high moral and ethical standards, and commitment to work. This is in line to the aspirations of Chapter 6 of the Constitution, and the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Teachers.


Employees endeavor to inject new ideas and approaches in service delivery.

Team spirit:

Commission employees are committed to working through cross-status and cross functional teams. All employees are equipped to handle work relationships and share new information with colleagues.